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Plaxico Burress, Giants Better Off Without Each Other

I have to weigh in with some of my thoughts on Plaxico Burress' comments about Tom Coughlin, which led Mike's notebook this morning.

First, let's get this out of the way. Plaxico Burress is not returning to the New York Giants. It is pretty obvious that Burress did not appreciate Coughlin, and still doesn't. Coughlin, for his part, has consistently made it clear with his refusal to really discuss the possibility of coaching Burress again that he doesn't really want the former star wide receiver around.

So, that's that. Thing is, I think it is much better for both sides if they go their separate ways.

After Burress shot himself in 2008 I spoke with Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, who co-authored a book with Burress after the Giants won the Super Bowl. Cole told me Burress' "one great fault is that he does not appreciate and does not give in to authority."

As Mike mentioned in his account earlier today, Burress admitted rebelling against the coach, saying "the only way to show my way was to just rebel."

Going back to my talk with Cole, that attitude should not have been a surprise as Cole had said "it's kind of been his nature to do that."

Thing is, after reading Burress' comments during his interview with Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, I am not sure that particular Burress trait his changed during his nearly two years behind bars. I have read some other recent accounts where Burress has discussed not appreciating the attitudes of prison guards -- the authority figures he had to answer to at Oneida Correctional Facility.

I wish Burress well. I really do. I think it's a truly positive sign that he wants to work with the National Urban League to get an anti-gun violence message out to youngsters. I hope he continues to champion that message, and I hope he has success in both his life and for whatever NFL team he winds up with. In the right situation I think he can have some success.

Pretty obvious, though, that the Giants are not the right situation for his return.