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New York Giants Notes: A Glimmer of Hope? Edition

First of all, I felt warm and fuzzy after reading the press release the Giants sent out on Wednesday about the 25th Anniversary celebration of the 1986 Giants Super Bowl championship team this Sunday at the Meadowlands Exposition Center. There are both general reserve and VIP packages available, and I believe I mentioned this before, but for the $786 VIP package, you get to hang at the breakfast table with coaches Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick. Parcells answered questions in a conference call earlier this week, and he still beams when he talks about that magical '86 team.

"After we won that game, I kind of thought that we could maybe do it. I think the players felt that way, too. It was a great impetus win for us. And I think all of them would remember that day pretty clearly."

That's what Parcells said about the Minnesota game in which Phil Simms completed an impossible 4th and 17 pass to Bobby Johnson on the sideline. I, too, remember that game as if it was yesterday, and I remember thinking that it could be a magical season at that point as well. Harry Carson also was interviewed on the same call as Parcells.

"There was absolutely no doubt that year that we were going to go to and win the Super Bowl," said Carson. "For me, it was a thrill being the captain that year, representing all of those guys I went to battle with week in and week out."

Ah, the memories. What a team that was. Well, I'm sure several of you will be at the celebration on Sunday, but alas, I live in Wisconsin, so you will have to tell me about it.

But hey, here is just a small glimmer of hope for Giants' fans, and in particular for our own Ed Valentine:

Giants still plan to begin training camp on time at University of Albany on time if NFL lockout ends
The Giants are still planning to hold their training camp at the University at Albany this summer, although that could be in jeopardy if the NFL lockout lasts into July. Currently, there are no plans to cancel the team's annual trip to Albany, according to several sources, nor is there a "drop dead date" where a decision has to be made. The team and the school will likely begin discussions if the lockout continues past July 1.

I guess, yeah, in reality we are only seven weeks away from when training camp would begin, but those weeks can evaporate quickly during the summer months. Let's hope they can just get this deal done. Speaking of which....

NFL players and owners must realize now is the time to get together and end the lockout
Most football fans want to know only one thing: Will the season start on time? There have been five negotiating sessions over the last two weeks, with more talks to come next week. This is the first time since the meetings started last year that both sides are motivated at the same time to get a deal done. I've always thought the regular season will start on time. It looks like this could get done by early-to-mid-July.

Again, let's hope so. I'm starting to become cautiously optimistic myself, but I'm not at the bargaining table.

Did Prison Improve Burress's Pass-Catching? -
Plaxico Burress didn't think too highly of the weight room at the Oneida Correctional Facility, much less the food. But in his first interview since being released from prison, the one-time New York Giants receiver, who just completed a sentence of more than 20 months, told the Journal he thinks his jailyard workouts actually made him a better pass-catcher. "There weren't a lot of guys throwing perfect spirals in there," he said. "I had to work to catch those balls."

Please save your prison jokes for somewhere else, guys! More Burress.....

Rosenhaus runs past Burress on the way to promoting Rosenhaus -
Plaxico Burress had been a free man for mere minutes. During his two years behind bars, he no doubt fantasized about that moment, about the prison doors unlocking with a satisfying sound, about walking outdoors and breathing fresh air and resuming his life - and then, of course, being greeted by Drew Rosenhaus. Burress barely had time to adjust his eyes to the outside light when Rosenhaus appeared. The agent materialized suddenly from the cover of the morning fog and attached himself to Burress the way stingrays suction-cup their mouths to the hand of whichever aquarium employee is holding fresh fish at the moment.

That stingray line is priceless.

I'll leave you with this piece on about the 1987 replacement player mess. Sure, the article references Bill Parcells and how the Giants and some other teams plotted their replacement rosters "just in case," but It's worth clicking on this to be blinded by the sight of a photo with Dan Marino wearing what can only be described as, to use a Jim Rome term, "nutters." Seriously, I hope shorts like that never, ever come back.