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New York Giants Notes: Remembering Robustelli and More Edition

Greetings and happy hump day, fellow Giants fans. It's a sad day in Giants-land as you all know by now that former Giants great Andy Robustelli passed away Tuesday at the age of 85. Ed posted this about his passing as well as some comments from former Giants and from John Mara. Here is another that came through courtesy of Sam Huff, and below that, a great piece remembering the man.

From Huff, who was Robustelli's teammate from 1956-63 with the G-men:

"Andy was part of what, to me, was the best defense ever put together. We had Andy’s experience and we had Dick Modzelewski and then we had Roosevelt Grier and along came another defensive end by the name of Jim Katcavage. We had Emlen Tunnell, who is the best safety to ever play in this league, and Jimmy Patton and Erich Barnes. It was such a great time for everybody. We had the best of the best. And Andy was a leader on that team. Andy had big hands and he was strong. The best thing he did was rush the quarterback and that’s what he loved to do. He’d beat the tackle one-on-one. A lot of times it was the best tackle in football. And Andy knew I had his inside."

Dave Ruden: Robustelli was a humble Giant - StamfordAdvocate
You never said no to Andy Robustelli. Not that anyone ever wanted or dared to. The lifelong Stamford resident and successful businessman, who gained his greatest fame as an NFL Hall of Fame defensive lineman during a storied career spent predominantly with the New York Giants, commanded the utmost respect.

Robustelli played for the Giants before I was born, but I'm sure my dad has great memories of watching him play. And it's always nice to hear when everyone has such great things to say about a man like Robustelli after he passes.

Video: Tuck says Giants may organize workouts in June - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Up to this point, Justin Tuck has been text messaging and talking to his defensive teammates about staying in shape and training. But that could change at the end of June when Giants players may meet for an unofficial organized workout. For the most part, Giants players have been training on their own while some teams, like the Saints, have organized player workouts.

This isn't the first we've heard of Tuck getting his teammates together, but it appears to be real.

NFL Hot Button Topic of the week - NFL - ESPN
Romo missed 10 games last season, but he's still an elite quarterback. Despite a 1-5 start last season on a team that didn't run the ball enough and underachieved on defense, he's a 64 percent career thrower, averages an impressive 8 yards per attempt and will throw for 26 or more touchdowns during a full season. Elite quarterbacks rarely have back-to-back losing seasons, and at the age of 31, Romo's still in his prime.

You know, I read this and realized that I forgot Tony Romo missed most of the 2010 season. How could I forget, though, as our own Michael Boley pounded Romo and his collarbone into the turf? Anyway, the Cowboys are always a tough out, but they are no doubt tougher to beat with Romo.

Some random Giants' mentions:

The Associated Press: Walker, Harrison help Pirates beat Mets 5-1
Dickey said he exchanged text messages in the past few days with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who had a similar injury.

Tressel had many Miami Valley ties
Jake Ballard last visited with Jim Tressel on Thursday afternoon after one of his regular workout sessions at the Ohio State football facilities. The meeting went like many others between Tressel and Ballard, a former Springboro High School and Ohio State tight end. "He asked about me, school, the Giants, really caring about what was going on in my life," said Ballard, who is finishing his last quarter at Ohio State after his first professional season with the New York Giants. "It wasn’t anything about him. It was always that way."

And then there is this about Cris Collinsworth, and it's mildly disturbing....

Lockout has Collinsworth going back to high school … as a coach - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
But what are you supposed to do if you're an NFL broadcaster, you're stuck waiting for play to resume, and you have very little faith in the idea that it will do so on time? If you're former Cincinnati Bengals receiver Cris Collinsworth, now one of the most respected voices in the business as part of NBC's "Sunday Night Football" crew, you go back to high school. As a coach.

But this is where the article gets interesting....

"Great idea, but we're less than entertained by Collinsworth's notion that half the season could be lost."

Um, yeah. Hopefully there will be good news after Friday's ruling about the lockout. If there could be good news at this point.

And hey, do you agree that this Yahoo fan contributor has Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs ranked so low among all NFL running backs?