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New York Giants Notes: Slow News Day Edition

Hopefully all of you had a nice Mother's Day, and now we can try to turn our focus back to football. Or can we? I spent some time scouring the Web and could not find a ton of real football news. But here is what I did find....

Court ruling on NFL lockout could be near | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/09/2011
NFL players, owners, and fans are hoping this is the week that brings some clarity to the league's nearly 2-month-old lockout - or at least provides a more firm time line for how long the ongoing uncertainty may last. All eyes interested in the labor dispute remain focused on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, as they have been for more than a week, awaiting a ruling on the NFL's request for a long-term stay that would leave the owners' lockout in place until at least early June.

For some reason, I was resigned to the fact that we would not have a ruling until June 3 no matter what, but forgot that the initial stay was temporary. Hey, any ray of hope, right?

NFL, UA in limbo together - Times Union
If the labor strife drags out into the summer, it seems unlikely that the Giants would hold even an abbreviated camp in Albany. In that case, it probably makes sense for all involved for the team to train at its Meadowlands facilities instead.

I hadn't thought of this, but some of the training sites and surrounding restaurants will likely suffer if training camps are etiher shortened or eliminated entirely this season.

Social media can provide benefits, pitfalls for athletes - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
At a breakfast during the NFL owners' meeting in March, someone asked New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin about players using Twitter and other social media. He looked as though he had bitten into a rotten grapefruit. "I don't know what the hell that is," Coughlin said. "I'm from a different era." Coughlin is likely in the minority. Most coaches seem to be aware of the problems and pitfalls caused by the often combustible mixture of athletes and social media.

You would think Coughlin would learn quickly so as to make sure his players do not overstep any bounds, but, of course, Coughlin is also currently the elder statesman among NFL head coaches.

Favre says coaching, TV work might be in future - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Brett Favre says he might become a coach or work as a television analyst in the future, though he has no plans to enter either field anytime soon.

I had to post this one for fun. Does anyone really believe that Favre has actually filed retirement papers?