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Giants' Potential UDFA Targets: Kendric Burney, CB, North Carolina

The New York Giants drafted Prince Amukamara in the first round, 19th overall. They still have Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas, Aaron Ross and a host of other potential extra cornerbacks. Yet, I say continually that you can never have too many talented coverage guys on your team considering the pass-happy nature of today's NFL.

Which brings me to the subject of today's look at a potential undrafted free agent target for the New York Giants -- North Carolina cornerback Kendric Burney [full profile]. When I studied Burney prior to the 2011 NFL Draft I thought he was a player who fit nicely with the Giants. He is small, at 5-foot-9, 181 pounds, but has the reputation of being an effective ballhawk, a player who could succeed in a zone-based scheme and a guy who is best suited to playing in nickel and dime packages covering slot receivers.

Here is a summary about Burney from

Burney missed the first seven games of the 2010 season due to NCAA violations, but he is an explosive corner that could be very effective in sub packages. He is undersized, but has excellent speed and the short-area burst to mirror receivers in man coverage. He also shows very good instincts in zone and has the lateral agility and burst to make big returns after interceptions. He is not an effective presser at the line and will be out-muscled by bigger receivers when the ball is in the air. Burney will be effective in nickel and dime packages.

Per's list of draftable cornerbacks, Burney had a higher draft grade than 38 of the defensive backs teams actually did select in the draft. In fact, only 10 defensive backs had better draft grades. Mocking The Draft listed Burney as the 13th best draftable cornerback. All of that, of course, makes you wonder why NFL teams selected 48 defensive backs during the draft and yet Burney is still looking for work.

Most likely it has something to do with his having been one of those North Carolina players suspended during the 2010 season. By drafting Marvin Austin in the second round, though, the Giants showed they are not scared of those suspended Tar Heels.

Provided any potential concerns about Burney's suspension are not an issue, I really don't understand why this guy went undrafted. It seems to me like this is a player the Giants should consider inviting to camp.

Your thoughts?