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Nnamdi Asomugha: Cowboys, Eagles To Enter Bidding War?

Well, I am not sure this is really news New York Giants fans want to hear. But, I have to pass it along anyway. There is speculation that a battle royal for the services of perennial All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha could be shaping up between two of the Giants' NFC East rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Morning News floated a story Saturday to that effect, stating in part:

Earlier this week, Eagles coach Andy Reid played coy when asked about the team's interest in Asomugha during an interview on a Philadelphia radio station.

But Philadelphia seems earnest about upgrading its personnel at a position where undistinguished players such as Joselio Hanson and Dimitri Patterson were sharing time.

If that is the case, the Cowboys could have even more incentive to lure Asomugha to the Metroplex. They already need help at cornerback and the fear of Asomugha landing in enemy hands -- the hands of an NFC East rival, no less -- could provide added motivation for the Cowboys if they decide to launch an aggressive campaign to sign the talented three-time Pro Bowler.

Before the Giants drafted Prince Amukamara I thought maybe the Giants would get in on the Asomugha Sweepstakes -- and I know many of you did, too. That would seem incredibly unlikely now, but I would really rather not see him playing in Dallas or Philly, either.