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'Friday Five' With Pat Traina, Post-Draft Edition

The other day I promised you guys a 'Friday Five' segment with Inside Football's Pat Traina. Well, this morning I deliver on that promise. This is a post-draft edition, and Pat and I are doing something just a tad different this time around.

Today, we are each answering the same set of five questions. Normally, we create separate sets of questions. We felt this week, though, that the common questions were pertinent and stuck to those. Be sure to check Pat's site for my answers to here questions.

1. Ok, let's start out with an easy one. How did you like what the Giants did in the draft?

Pat: Loved it. Did anyone thing that Prince Amukamara would be there at 19? I think that was a no-brainer pick. I also think they got great value at the various positions, and more importantly, I think most if not all of these kids are going to provide a big boost to your favorite unit, special teams.

2. What part of the Giants draft did you find to be the "curve ball"?

Pat: That's easy - LB Jacquian Williams. I thought perhaps they would take a couple of linebackers - this way they replace Chase Blackburn and Gerris Wilkinson, both unrestricted free agents. However, as the Giants usually seem to do, they took a guy who not many scouting reports had information on. Heck, even the NFL's official material didn't have anything on Williams. That doesn't mean he's a bad pick, but I do see him as the 2011 curve ball.

3. Which Day 3 pick do you think will have the biggest impact on the field?

Pat: I am thinking S Tyler Sash. It looks like the Giants might not be able to re-sign S Deon Grant, who will be unrestricted if the NFL ever starts up again. So with Chad Jones not likely to play in 2011 and Michael Johnson not tendered, I think Sash is going to have an opportunity to come in as that third safety.

4. Pretend you're Jerry Reese. Once free agency begins, what's the first move you make?

Pat: I get a veteran offensive lineman in here pronto. If the season were to start today, the Giants have NO ONE who can snap the ball that has pro experience. As I said in my mock draft, I think it's vital they get a veteran center in here to backup O'Hara - I don't know if Seubert will be ready by September, Koets appears to be a bit of a mystery right now as far as where he is in his rehab, and of course O'Hara was seen in a walking boot as of last week. I've said that when they eventually do draft a center, the kid will probably need some time to develop a rapport with Eli, so a veteran stopgap solution, to me, would be high on the priority list.

5. What undrafted college players would you love to see the Giants take a chance on?

FB Henry Hynoski. Again, as I wrote in my mock draft, Madison Hedgecock is coming off of two injury-filled years, including one to his shoulder (usually the kiss of death for a fullback). He'll be 30 in August and he's due $1M in base salary this year. From what I've read about Hynoski, he has similar size, is a monster blocker who may remind people of Hedgecock from 2008, and he has better hands. I just don't think Pascoe is the long-term answer at fullback - I'm actually hoping he can be the blocking tight end that this team has been missing.