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Bob Papa Out As NFL Network Play By Play Announcer

According to the National Football Post, the NFL Network is replacing Bob Papa as its play by play man for their broadcasts. Joe Theismann is also out. They will be replaced by Brad Nessler, who has done play by play before, and Mike Mayock best known for his draft work on the NFL Network.

From the NFP story:

There were rumors that Gus Johnson, who does NFL work for CBS, would replace Papa, but veteran broadcaster Brad Nessler was selected instead, according to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. The 54-year-old Nessler is the top college football voice for ABC.

The writing was on the wall for Papa, when the network recently asked him to audition for a job he already had. Fortunately, we will still get to hear Papa as the Giants radio announcer, a job he has held since 1988 and presumably won't have to audition for again. Personally I think Papa is one of the best out there, he calls the games the way they should be called: down the middle, without silly catchphrases, and without putting the spotlight on himself.

[Note by Jim Schmiedeberg, 05/05/11 3:52 PM EDT Forgot to add that Mayock is a former Giant, playing with them from 1982 to 1984.]