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Rookies Can Participate In Player-Organized Workouts

We know some of the New York Giants receivers and quarterbacks are working out at Hoboken (N.J.) High School. That's about the best the Giants, and other NFL teams, can do unless the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals lifts the stay that is currently enforcing the NFL Lockout.

In the meantime, the question of whether or not the newly-drafted rookies like Troy wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan could participate in those workouts arose. I thought the answer was 'yes,' since those are organized by the players and are outside NFL jurisdiction, but to be sure I turned to good friend Pat Traina, editor of Inside Football, for the answer. She confirmed that rookies can join those workouts if they wish.

Here is Pat's answer:

"Technically in an organized team workout, rookies can't participate unless they sign a participation waiver. However, with players holding their own workouts, there are no rules because they are locked out. So it's like you or me organizing flag football -- anyone can participate so long as they are physically able to do so.

"You might remember a few years ago, Jeff Hatch, a draft pick, wouldn't sign the waiver. He was not allowed to practice during the mini camp workout that weekend."

You can hear more from Pat on Friday when we have a post-draft edition of our 'Friday Five' segment.