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New York Giants Notes: Get Ready for Some Silence

You can expect that we will be analyzing the 2011 NFL Draft for a few more days, and we will also probably see and hear media coverage of events like Eli Manning's "secret" workout at Hoboken High School. But with the lockout being upheld by an appeals court right in the middle of the draft last weekend, there was a bigger cloud cast over the NFL. And that cloud keeps growing bigger as the courts won't rule on the appeal by the NFL owners for possibly eight weeks. You can do the math--it's getting mighy dangerous to keep this dispute going as training camp and the preseason loom.

Ryan fires back - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan fired back Monday at comments from Giants PR Chief Pat Hanlon, who ripped Ryan over claims his team would have beaten the Packers had it made it to the Super Bowl.

I don't know about you guys, but I think it's pretty awesome that Hanlon got riled up enough to engage in a war of words with Ryan.

R.W. McQuarters Shot; Former New York Giants... | Gather
Fans are showing their support for McQuarters, but they are also expressing concern that there is actually more to the story than initially reported. Could the shooting have been personal, or was it a botched attempt at a robbery? Hopefully, the police in Tulsa will be able to find out more details and arrest the culprit.

Let's hope there isn't "more to the story," as this article suggests, and just wish McQuarters a speedy recovery.

New York Giants' Tom Coughlin affected by Osama bin Laden's death - ESPN New York
For nearly one agonizing hour, Tom Coughlin couldn't get in touch with his son before finally being able to get through to Tim's phone and learning that his son was making his way down to the ground floor and out of the tower. So it's understandable that the Giants head coach got emotional when learning of the death of Osama bin Laden and seeing how many Americans have reacted to the news.

Video: Es-Giants coach Jim Fassel remembers New York after Sept. 11 - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -
Jim Fassel was the head coach of the New York Giants on Sept. 11, 2001. The current coach of the UFL's Las Vegas Locos shared his memories of the terrorist attacks after learning of the news of Osama bin Laden's death with NFL Network in the video below.

When you look and listen to Fassel's interview, you can't help but come away from it thinking that there are far more important things going on in the world--and it makes the whole NFL labor dispute seem childish. Not that they are suddenly going to have a renewed sense of getting a deal done because we captured and killed the most wanted terrorist on the planet, but as events like this often do, it puts everything in perspective.