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Draft Countdown's Scott Wright: 'I Think The Giants Did Well'

We have analyzed the New York Giants' eight selections in the 2011 NFL Draft a bunch of different ways already. We are going to stay with the draft analysis them just a little bit longer, though, especially since I was able to chat earlier this week with a very busy Scott Wright of Draft Countdown about what the Giants accomplished during the draft.

Wright is a veteran draft analyst and one of the most accurate draft forecasters in the business. His first-round mock draft placed tied for fifth among mock drafters scored by The Huddle Report for 2011, and his five-year average is sixth among all of those scored. His Top 100 projection for 2011 placed fourth, and his five-year average in that category is seventh overall.

"I think the Giants did well. That's pretty high praise from me for them, because usually I really emphasize needs. I like teams that address needs, and the Giants really don't have a ton of needs, but they got some good players with all of their picks."

Scott and I went through the selections by the Giants pick-by-pick. Here are his impressions of each player the Giants selected.

Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska (Round 1, 19th overall)

"I don't think anybody envisioned him being there. He could have gone as high as number seven overall to San Francisco and nobody would have batted an eye," Wright said. "It was hard to imagine him getting past both Houston at 11 and Detroit at 13 that had desperate needs at the cornerback position.

"The Giants were there to take advantage and I think he can be a great fit for them. I don't know that he's going to be an immediate Day One starter but I think down the road he will eventually win a starting job. Just a great, great value."

Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina (Round 2, 52nd overall)

"He's a very talented guy. You can make a case that he's the most talented defensive tackle they have. If he plays up to his potential he is going to compete for big minutes right away.

"Ironically I thought he was over-rated going into the draft, there was talk that he was maybe going to go in the top 25 overall and I just didn't see that because as well as he played at the East-West Shrine Game and as well as he worked out leading up to the draft I think it was a case where people were really forgetting about the tape. Go back and watch him on the field. Obviously he didn't play in 2010, but early in his career from 2007 to 2009 he was an under-achiever. He showed flashes, but didn't consistently play up to that talent level.

"Where he was ultimately chosen, mid- to late-second round like that I think it was a good value. Definitely a first-round talent on paper. If they can get him to maximize that potential I think they're probably going to have a steal on their hands. ... I like that pick for the Giants."

Austin's arrival could well mean the end of Barry Cofield's tenure with the Giants. Wright does not see that as a bad thing.

"Honestly, Austin is probably more talented," Wright said. "He's younger, more talented and cheaper. That's a pretty good trifecta."

Jerrel Jernigan (Round 3, 83rd overall)

"I think Jernigan gives them a dimension maybe they lacked in terms of a guy who can create in space, they can use on bubble screens more. He's just kind of a jack-of-all-trades.

"I think his biggest contribution is probably going to end up coming on special teams as a return man. ... Dynamic play-maker, I like him a lot. I think special teams played a huge role in that decision."

"If you look at it need-wise from the wide receiver position it wasn't a big need, but I think return man was a big need for them. That's something they've been trying to address.

"If they wanted to upgrade those special teams he was a great guy to do it with."

James Brewer, OT, Indiana (Round 4, 117th overall)

"Real intriguing guy. Big and athletic, you don't see guys that big and that athletic very often. I was really impressed with him at the Senior Bowl, I thought he played very well there.

"A concern with him is that he's a little bit more of a finesse player, but if anybody can toughen him up I think it's the Giants and Tom Coughlin. Just a great developmental tackle. I think he's going to be groomed as the eventual replacement for Kareem McKenzie on the right side there.

"I think that was a great pick. I would not have been shocked if he went a round earlier."

Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State (Round 6, 185th overall)

"This is a kid who was a big name in college, won tons of awards, four-year starter in the Big 10, put up huge numbers ... Didn't have a big senior year and I wonder if it was a product of him putting on too much weight.

"I wonder if he lost some of the speed and range that kind of made him special."

"I still think he was a great value there in Round 6. That's a good football player right there."

Tyler Sash, S, Iowa (Round 6, 198th overall)

"Very good size, productive there at Iowa, not great speed. Program pedigree. I really put some stock in that. When a certain program has a tradition or history of producing good pros at a position I take that into account and Iowa has definitely done that at the safety position, especially in recent years.

"I don't know that he's ever going to be a starter, but I think he is going to come in and provide valuable depth for them."

Jacquian Williams, OLB, South Florida (Round 6, 202nd overall)

"I was a little surprised he was drafted. Worked out pretty well, and that's what got him drafted. I think he's more of a developmental depth type guy. His biggest contribution is probably going to come on special teams."

Da'Rel Scott, RB, Maryland (Round 7, 221st overall)

"Speed. That's the thing that stands out. Very fast, he can be an electrifying player.

"I like the pick. I think potentially he is going to come in and give the Giants a dimension at the position they lack. I think he's going to offer a lot more speed than any of those other three guys have.

"In the seventh round it's worth taking a flier on a guy like that. On talent alone he probably should have been taken mid-rounds at least."