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New York Giants' Notes: Lockout Links

Good morning, New York Giants fans. This is the week the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral arguments regarding the NFL's appeal to keep the lockout in place. That, of course, does not means we get a decision this week. At least, though, we get closer to one.

With that in mind. we begin today's notebook with some lockout-related links.

NFL owners have more time to consider than players in labor matter -
Key date: It's tempting to say June 3, when the 8th Circuit will hear oral arguments in the NFL's appeal of the lockout-lifting decision in District Court. But it's likely to take at least two weeks for that three-judge panel to issue a ruling, so a better key date is three weeks before the Sept. 8 kickoff game between New Orleans and Green Bay — say Aug. 15. At a minimum, teams would need that much time to train for the start of the season. If camps are still closed at that point, you can bet games will either be pushed back or scrubbed.

100 days until regular season starts, or doesn’t | ProFootballTalk
As Adam Schefter of ESPN points out on his Twitter page, only 100 days remain until the Saints and Packers are scheduled to square off at Lambeau Field on Thursday, September 8 to launch the 2011 season.

Struggles of an undrafted player: "My mom wants me to get a job" | ProFootballTalk
"I know my mom wants me to get a job," [Dain] Taylor told the Denver Post, "but she also understands that this is my dream, so she’s going to support me for a while, for a reasonable amount of time." " Blog Archive " Player Workout Central

Around The NFL Blogs " Blog Archive Ryan is in, but where is Eli? "
Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank discuss the players coming in 51-60 on the NFL Network’s Top 100 players-of-2010 list, focusing on the confusing standard that put Saints WR Marques Colston ahead of 2010 stats leader Brandon Lloyd while leaving the likes of Stevie Johnson and Mike Wallace out. The fellas also analyze whether Falcons QB Matt Ryan is deserving of being ranked 52nd when Eli Manning and his Super Bowl ring are nowhere to be found.

Jets owner adds to Randy Moss intrigue - NFL - Sporting News
"There's no question that Randy Moss has the capability, has the God-given talent to be a superstar, and he has been a superstar, particularly with the Patriots," [Woody] Johnson is quoted as saying. "That's about all I can say about him, other than I admire his skill and what he's accomplished during those years." news: Broncos legend asks punk band 'Elway' to change its name
The punk rock band thought it was a way to honor its Colorado roots. Apparently, John Elway has a different opinion on the name change. "Elway" has been asked through a letter to change the group's name after the Hall of Fame quarterback's representatives caught wind of its act. Caution on Plaxio Burress
Wither Plax?: Although good buddy Gary Myers of The New York Daily News last week floated the possibility that Philadelphia might be the team most interested in adding erstwhile wide receiver Plaxico Burress when he is released from jail June 6, there have been conflicting signals from Eagles officials this week. That's not say there is a tug-o'-war among Philly officials, just that club insiders are putting out mixed messages concerning their interest, or lack thereof, in the wide receiver. The suggestion is that, just because the Eagles signed Michael Vick in 2009 after his incarceration and hiatus from the league, they will welcome Burress back to the NFL. But the reality is that Burress, who will turn 34 next month, presents even more question marks than Vick did. In his four seasons with the Giants, Burress scored 33 touchdowns, but his average per reception reduced every year. In 2008, the last season he played, Burress averaged a career-worst 13.0 yards.