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Clock Ticking On Giants' UAlbany Training Camp

A report came out a few days ago that the New York Jets have until July 1 to inform SUNY Cortland whether or not training camp will be held there this summer. Why do I bring that up? Well, the New York Giants of course also hold training camp upstate -- at the University at Albany.

Obviously, the question is do the Giants face a similar deadline in order to once again hold training camp at UAlbany? The uncertainty of the NFL Lockout, as we know, makes it impossible to know when training camps may actually begin.

Teams like the Giants and Jets, who hold training camp away from their regular-season training facilities, are caught in a situation where the clock may eventually run out and they will be forced to train at their regular-season facilties.

There does not seem to be any hard deadline for a Giants-UAlbany decision, but the team's PR Director Pat Hanlon admitted via e-mail that July 1 is "a good time frame for when everybody has to figure out what we're going to do."

UAlbany Athletic Director Lee McElroy, of course, remains hopeful that the Giants will return to the campus for the 16th consecutive season. He did not want to put a hard date on when a decision would need to be reached.

"We have no deadlline as we move forward," McElroy wrote in an e-mail. "We have a very good relationship with the Giants and will work through the issues."

The problem for both sides will be that if training camp is delayed the UAlbany dorm and dining hall facilities won't be available because classes will be back in session.