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Talkin' Linebackers With A Rams Writer

We spend so much time around here talking about linebackers that I thought it was sort of hilarious when one of the writers at Turf Show Times, which covers the St. Louis Rams, contacted me recently to ask about Steve Spagnuolo and how much emphasis he puts on the position.

It seems that Ram fans are not very happy with the attention paid to their linebacker corps, either.Just like Giants fans. Which makes sense when you think about the connection between the two teams, and how many ex-Giants are now playing there.

I gave a lengthy response to the question -- and I probably could still be typing if I really felt like getting cranked up on the subject. Go read the piece over at TST.

I find it interesting because the writer comes to the same conclusion about the Rams' defense that many have come to here. Rather than really strengthening the position, the Rams are just building a defense that tries to minimize -- or hide -- the weakness.