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New York Giants Notes: How Giants Defenders Measure Up Edition

Greetings, fellow Giants fans. It's hump day and this week if flying. That means it's almost Memorial Day, which means it's almost July 4, which means it's almost the end of summer already before it begins. That means we still do not have a labor agreement in place. More on that in a minute. But we have to tell you about this fan poll on in which the Top 10 defensive players in the NFC East are listed in order. Take a gander, and you'll probably agree with having Justin Tuck right up there with Trent Cole, just under DeMarcus Ware. I won't give it all away, so go check it out. But I will say is -- the writer talks about why the Redskins didn't have a better season in 2010 based on this list. I'll argue the same thing about the Giants when you consider how many of them are in both the Top 10 and "those receiving votes."

Four judges, two views, one law | National Football Post
Last week the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals (the Court) granted the NFL its wish in keeping the lockout intact through the appeal process. The Court’s 2-1 opinion gave a harsh rebuke of the lower court opinion by Judge Nelson, especially her reading of a law named the Norris-LaGuardia Act (the Act), a statute that has become a focal point of Courtroom football in the NFL. Since then I have received scores of questions asking in different forms the following: "How can two courts interpret the Norris-LaGuardia Act in two completely different ways?" Welcome to the law.

I am not an attorney, so I can't pretend to interpret the law, either. But the bottom line is, the longer this drags out in court, the more legal terminology like this will be thrown around, which only makes us do the one thing we can't afford to do--wait.

NFL cancels next month's rookie symposium - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The NFL has canceled next month’s rookie symposium, the first league event called off because of the lockout. League spokesman Greg Aiello said Tuesday the decision was made because of "the uncertainty of the labor issues we are facing and the logistical challenges of conducting the symposium."

2011 NFL Draft Grades, San Francisco 49ers Opponents: New York Giants - Niners Nation
In New York, anything less than a playoff appearance and Super Bowl contention is not going to cut it. I think the Giants moved themselves further a long those lines than any team in the NFC East during this draft.

Our friends over at Niners Nation hit the nail on the head with this statement on two counts--that we expect a contender and a deep playoff run in 2011; and that the Giants had an excellent draft--on paper, anyway.

Father's Day memories: How the New York Giants bonded dad and I - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
One would think that a girl's memories of her father would not be of tailgating in a cold parking lot in East Rutherford, New Jersey. However, as season ticket holders to the New York Giants I can tell you that those are some of my best memories of my father. I would get so excited on Saturday night as we would organize our tailgate party. We would always get to the game early and make a nice camp as we talked about how the game would play out. We used the back of our minivan as a staging station for the best tailgate party in New Jersey.

I've often written that the Giants are also something that has bonded my dad and I since I was 10 years old. We didn't go to many games, but watching them on Sundays, even during the very lean years of the '70's, is something I will always remember and hope to do with my own son once he out-grows Elmo.