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New York Giants Notes: Keep Plaxico Burress Out of Philly Please Edition

I remember a few months back when I was pimping the possibility that Plaxico Burress return to the Giants to bolster a talented but injury prone receiver corps. And Ed giving the counterpoint to my opinion. Anyway, Gary Myers of The New York Daily News reported on Saturday that Burress will be heavily pursued by the Philadelphia Eagles. Uggg. I vividly remember a comment that a BBV reader, Flynner, made on Ed's post, and I hope it's not a prelude to a possible nightmare for us Giants' fans:

Imagine him lining up in New Meadowlands Stadium, Checking an audible breaking down the D-back getting open, stiff arming the Safety, on his way to the end zone. Looking young sharp as ever. Then promptly giving the middle finger to the crowd and high fiving Brent Celek as he heads back toward the visitor’s sideline and takes off his green Winged helmet, while running past a fat walrus who pats him on the ass as he makes his way off the field. If that isn’t enough motivation to try to get him back in blue, then I have nothing to say that will.

I have said before that I endorse giving Plax another shot, even with the Giants. But the one thing I would not be able to stomach is seeing him in Eagles' green. And naturally, they have a great shot at Burress with another former inmate, Michael Vick, planning to reach out to Burress once he is released from prison. But Myers also mentions that the lockout will adversely affect Buress' pursuit of a new contract, and gives some good commentary about how he thinks the players will cave in eventually.

I think the players will start to cave in around Aug. 1. They have short careers and will never make up for any paychecks lost. Players who earn the league average of $1.7 million a year will lose $100,000 for any week wiped out. Executive director DeMaurice Smith is fooling himself if he thinks the players will stick together as week after week is cancelled.

Seven teams have promised they won’t touch coaching pay if lockout goes into season | ProFootballTalk
Things will only get worse as the lockout drags on, especially if the work stoppage affects the regular season. Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that only seven teams have promised not to cut coaching staff pay if the lockout extends into the season: Seattle, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Oakland, New York (Giants), Indianapolis, and Dallas.

Sure, the fans are getting the shaft as the lockout drags on. But the coaches, who are pretty much innocent bystanders here, are being screwed for two reasons--not being able to communicate with locked out players; and some getting their pay cut. Yikes.

New Orleans Saints sell out renovated Superdome for 2011 season |
In the end, the team will have sold 73,000 seats in the renovated Superdome, the sixth straight season the club has sold out, continuing a string of home sellouts that began Sept. 25, 2006 -- the emotional Monday night homecoming against Atlanta the Saints enjoyed more than a year after Hurricane Katrina.

This is probably not a huge surprise considering how much the city of New Orleans loves its Saints, but I just hope those fans won't have to be issued any refunds. Happy Monday, folks!