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Players Supporting Coughlin's Jay Fund

A couple members of the New York Giants -- Chris Canty and Terrell Thomas, to be precise -- tweeted this morning that they are either in or headed to Jacksonville to support coach Tom Coughlin and his annual Jay Fund fund-raising weekend.

Before you even ask the question, yes players and coaches are allowed to have contact at charitable events during the NFL Lockout.

If you are interested in learning more about or supporting Coughlin's Jay Fund, which supports families with children suffering from cancer, you can find out more at the Jay Fund website. Know where else you can find out more? Twitter and Facebook, believe it or not. Coughlin might not know anything about social media, but the Jay Fund organization, of course, does.

From The Jay Fund Facebook page, here is the list of current and former Giants who are scheduled to attend the fund-raiser this weekend. Really nice to see players putting aside the labor situation to help a worthy cause.