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Chad Jones: 'You Just Have To Get Up And Keep Going'

Chad Jones gave an uplifting, optimistic interview recently regarding his progress following the horrific car crash last June that nearly cost him his left foot, and maybe his life.

The video is below. Here is an excerpt, with Jones talking about his will to play football again.

"I knew I was going to be able to walk again. In the back of my mind is that 'I'm going to play football again.' I will never stop the fight to be able to play football again," he said. "When times get tough there's no way you should give up. You've got to be a strong fighter and stay the course," he said. "Curveballs are thrown at you. You just have to get up and keep going."

You have to love Jones' attitude. If you can't root for this guy to make it back -- or at least get in position to put the pads on and try -- then maybe you just don't have a heart. At the very least, learn something from Jones' effort.

That said, I have to temper the enthusiasm. The article accompanying the video was entitled 'Chad Jones Ready For Comeback.' That, of course, is far ... very, very far ... from being accurate. He is still in a walking boot, limping noticeably, admits he can't feel the bottom of his left foot and is jogging very gingerly on a treadmill.

In the video, the interviewer also make reference to Jones playing this season. If that goal helps drive Jones in his efforts to rehab, that is great. But Jones is not playing football in 2011. Doctors admit Jones has made "phenomenal progress," but will only says it is "possible" he could play in 2012.

Root for Jones. That, you have to do. Be realistic, however, about when -- of if -- he will ever get on a football field again.