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New York Giants' Notes: Lockout, Plaxico Burress, Ahmad Bradshaw And More

Here are some New York Giants and NFL notes for you on a Sunday morning. news: Giants feel working now will pay dividends when lockout ends
"I think that's going to be a leg up on our competition," [Kevin] Boss said. "It's going to be tough for teams that have new coaching staffs coming in or drafting quarterbacks that are expected to play. So for us -- the quarterbacks and receivers and tight ends -- I think it's important to get back together this time of year and just work on timing again. Start slow but start building up and as the (lockout) continues to go on, we're going to probably have to start bringing in more people, maybe making it more of a team thing. Maybe get the offensive line out there and start walking through plays or what not."

My take: I still don't know how much value these workouts have, because it's hard to judge the quality of the work getting done. I'm more interested, to be honest, in finding out whether or not Boss will be a Giant in 2011.

Ahmad Bradshaw preps for free agency by changing agents | ProFootballTalk
Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw will be a free agent when the lockout ends. And while it seems that the lockout may never end, Bradshaw is thinking ahead by making a change in agents. Previously represented by Craig Domann, Bradshaw has hired Drew Rosenhaus.

This can mean only one thing -- Bradshaw wants to make sure he gets the biggest possible contract. The Giants have talked repeatedly about how re-signing Bradshaw is a priority. Well, now we know for certain that is is going to cost them. A lot.

Top five greatest NFL franchises in history: Fan's opinion - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
These franchises have truly set the standard of excellence in the NFL. Take a closer look at the top five greatest franchises in NFL history.

Hard to argue which team should get knocked off this list. But, hard to stomach the Giants not being on it.

What is really being lost in the NFL lockout? | National Football Post
The player organized workouts we are reading about around the league? Definitely something I would attend if I was still playing in the NFL, but let’s be honest here—they aren’t the answer. And after the owners were granted a permanent stay on the lockout Monday evening (with June 3rd being the next step is this ongoing process), let’s discuss how the labor battle is really hurting the game.

I have said this before, but I love reading Matt Bowen's stuff. He is a former NFL player, and I learn about the game every time I read what he has to say.

NFL Videos: Diehl or no Diehl: Should Tiki return?
Giants OT David Diehl discusses whether Tiki Barber should make a return to the NFL. Other hot topics, too.

By "other hot topics,' that meant whether or not Plaxico Burress should return to the Giants. Diehl's answer was "no,' and I thought his reasoning was sound.

New York Giants Top 10 Prospects

You know the most amazing thing about this list? Safety Kenny Phillips is still only 24 years old.

Future Lettermen: Like Father, Like Son: Darius Hamilton Wreaking Havoc –
Yes, Darius is the son of former Giant defensive tackle Keith Hamilton. And he is a highly sought-after recruit.