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End Of The World? Think Of What We Would Have Missed!

Thank goodness Harold Camping's end of the world on May 21st prediction appears to be wrong. Aside from the obvious fact that it will be nice to continue living, think of all the things you would miss as a New York Giants fan if the apocalypse truly was now.

  • You would never know what team Plaxico Burress would end up with. I know some of you want him back with the Giants, but I just don't see that happening as long as Tom Coughlin is patrolling the team's sidelines.
  • If this really was doomsday you would die never getting to celebrate the Giants defeating the Philadelphia Eagles again. I know you still have the bitter taste of DeSean Jackson's punt return touchdown in your mouth. The Giants will beat the Eagles again. As long as the world doesn't end first.
  • Speaking of the Eagles, the end of the world would rob us of the opportunity to read the column we know Adam Schein will write about how his teammates have disrespected Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick since only four of them showed up for Vick's informal workout Thursday. You know, since Eli Manning has obviously lost the ability to lead the Giants and all that nonsense.
  • If today truly did bring the end of the world, we would never get to see a Prince (Prince Amukamara, of course) play for the Giants.
  • The end of the world would mean we would never know if all of those folks predicting tough times ahead for Giants' wide receiver Steve Smith were right. Or if Smith, who has constantly used social media to quell rumors about his rehab from knee surgery, can prove the naysayers wrong.
  • The apocalypse would mean Barry Cofield would never get his big payday from the St. Louis Rams.
  • We would never know which gunslinger, DeMaurice Smith or Roger Goodell, blinked first. You know, maybe they should just shoot it out. Winner not only lives, but takes all.

I could go on with these, but I think I should stop now. I'm sure you guys can add plenty of 'what we would have missed' ideas of your own. Feel free to go for it, just keep 'em clean. See you Sunday!