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Coughlin Talks Lockout Impact

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin was on NFL Live Thursday discussing the impact of the NFL Lockout on preparation for the 2011 NFL season. Coughlin said "there isn't any question" the lockout will impact teams' readiness for games.

"I see eight weeks of the off-season have gone by, we haven't had our rookies in, we haven't had any of our veterans in, we haven't had our hands on our surgical repairs," Coughlin said. "If it continues like this right up to training camp there will be no off-season and of course that's going to affect your installation schedule, how rapidly your rookies can pick all this up."

Coughlin was asked about the players who have worked out with quarterback Eli Manning at Hoboken High School, and whether the sparse turnout for those passing sessions concerns him.

"I was glad to see that Eli was getting together with the receiving corps.I'm just grateful that there were some degree of workouts there," Coughlin said. "I know that guys are working on their own, and I'm confident that they will condition and stay in shape. I would like, obviously, to see us all together to get a little work prior to the summer."

With Plaxico Burress scheduled to be released from prison next month, Coughlin was also asked about Burress' possible future with the Giants. As you might expect, he had little to say about that.

"That really hasn't been discussed by any of us. That will have to remain to be seen," Coughlin said.