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New York Giants Notes: Who Turned Out the Lights Again? Edition

Good morning, fellow Giants' fans. Saying it's a slow news day is an understatement, since the topics of who will win the Giants' greatest fan contest and John Mara's "essay" were already mentioned Thursday. I suppose it will be like this for a while, because neither side in the labor dispute wants the other side to win even the smallest battle. Anyway, we'll see if we can't scrape a few things out of somewhere for you to chew on......

Check out this interactive Giants' draft tracker I found on The Daily News' website. Okay interactive as far as clicking on the year of the draft, but still interactive and interesting to see where some players have wound up and some have not done a thing in the NFL.

Twitter sense for NFL players | National Football Post
One of my newest roles as an agent is advising my clients on a personal "social networking strategy". If you told me I would be doing this five years ago, I would have said, "yea, right!" However, for each new and existing client who is interested in building their brand, garnering off field income, and teeing themselves up for a second career in media, committing to Twitter and other social networking outlets such as Facebook can make good sense. However, it can come with price.

It's interesting how this agent talks about Kirk Morrison of the Jaguars, and says that Kirk having hundreds of throusands of followers on Twitter is "social equity" since Morrison moved from big market Oakland to small market Jacksonville.

Inside Fights | It’s Time The UFC Walked Away From New York
You don’t hear him demanding meetings with the NFL and why so many retired football players (most recently former Chicago Bears and New York Giants safety Dave Duerson) are having major head trauma issues. The New York Giants and Jets bear the name of that great state and you’d think he would have a vested interest in their health like he does with professional cage fighters.

This came up in a Google search because Dave Duerson is mentioned, and while I'm not an MMA fan, I know many of you probably are and would find this worth a read.

Why player organized workouts are over-hyped | National Football Post
Think about structure in an NFL practice setting. Sessions are scripted, detailed and designed by the coaching staff. Got to have that. Red zone, two-minute, blitz period and so on. And, let’s not forget about the crucial time spent with your position coach during individual period. The time to teach technique. You will see that in a random OTA on a Tuesday morning in the middle of May.

And in case you guys missed it, Haley Reinhart was eliminated from "American Idol" last night. But she went out in style, belting out a kickass version of Led Zeppelin's "What Is and What Should Never Be" on Wednesday. And for that alone, we have to give her props. Hey, I told you it was a slow news day. Now, go on with your Friday....we're almost to the weekend.