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NFL Draft Grades 2011: Around The NFC East

I went scouring the SB Nation websites for the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins this morning looking for reactions to what the New York Giants did during the 2011 NFL Draft. I did, however, find an awesome chart at Blogging The Boys listing the picks for each team and some breakdowns from many draft experts.

Many thanks to my colleague Dave Halprin, editor of BTB, for allowing me to steal the chart -- which you will find after the jump.

I was a little surprised that the best Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, one of the premier draft experts anywhere, could muster in praise of the the Giants was that they "had the best sixth round, coming away with a pair of All-Big Ten defenders."

Of course, players have to get out on the field and play for several seasons before we can actually judge what they are. If, however, Prince Amukamara and Marvin Austin play to their potential you might be hard-pressed to find another team that did as well as the Giants in the first two rounds.

Picks Cowboys Eagles Giants Redskins
Draft Picks 9. Tyron Smith, OT, USC
40. Bruce Carter, LB, North Carolina
71. DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma
110. David Arkin, OG, Missouri State
143. Josh Thomas, CB, Buffalo
176. Dwayne Harris, WR, E. Carolina
220. Shaun Chapas, FB, Georgia
252. Bill Nagy, OC/G, Wisconsin
23. Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor
54. Jaiquawn Jarrett, S, Temple
90. Curtis Marsh, CB, Utah State
116. Casey Matthews, LB, Oregon
120. Alex Henery, K, Nebraska
149. Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh
161. J. Vandervelde, OG/C, Iowa
191. Jason Kelce, OC, Cincinnati
193. Brian Rolle, LB, Ohio State
237. Greg Lloyd, LB, UConn
240. Stanley Havili, FB, USC
19. Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska
52. Marvin Austin, DT, N. Carolina.
83. Jerrel Jernigan, WR, Troy
117. James Brewer, OT, Indiana
185. Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State
198. Tyler Sash, S, Iowa
202. Jacquian Williams, LB, S. Florida
221. Da'Rel Scott, RB, Maryland
16. Ryan Kerrigan, LB, Purdue
41. Jarvis Jenkins, DE, Clemson
79. Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami
105. Roy Helu, RB, Nebraska
146. DeJon Gomes, S, Nebraska
155. Niles Paul, WR, Nebraska
177. Evan Royster, RB, Penn State
178. Aldrick Robinson, WR, SMU
213. B. Thompson, CB, Boise State
217. Maurice Hurt, OG, Florida
224. Markus White, LB, Florida State
253. Chris Neild, NT, West Virginia
Grades Cowboys Eagles Giants Redskins
Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News
The Cowboys had a superb third day of this draft The Eagles had the best fifth round The New York Giants had the best sixth round, coming away with a pair of All-Big Ten defenders. When the new quarterback arrives in Washington, he will have a slew of new weapons. But who is he and when does he get to D.C.?
Mel Kiper, ESPN
B- C+ B- C+
Dallas got good value later, but never took a player that seemed like a steal at the position This feels like last year. I look at the Philly board and think, "Well, they got a lot of guys." They got some serious value with their first two picks. But I do wonder if the Giants waited a little too long to gain any help along the offensive line The Skins added players at pretty much every need outside of quarterback. Fair enough. I just don't think impact will be significant.
Charean Williams, Star- Telegram
B B B+ C+
The Cowboys didn't get a DE or a S, arguably their two biggest needs. The Eagles' first three players were drafted higher than most analysts had them going. The Giants drafted talent over need. But they didn't get help where they needed it -- in the offensive line and at outside linebacker -- until the third day. They didn't get a QB and could have John Beck as their starter in 2011.
Pete Prisco, CBS Sports
B- B A B
They added a starter in tackle Tyron Smith and then filled in some holes, though I think they could have gone in another direction when they picked Murray. The Eagles always seem to do a good job in the draft. This year was no different. The key might be second-round safety Jaiquawn Jarrett. I love that they got a premier cover player in Amukamara. Second-round pick Marvin Austin has first-round talent and could be a steal. I'd give them a better grade if they picked a quarterback, but they made some nice moves with all the trades and ended up with some good football players
Adam Caplan, Fox sports
C+ B- B B
They failed to address their weaknesses at safety and cornerback. The Eagles were able to secure at least three future starters with their first three selections Amukamara was a great value where they got him. And Austin and Jernigan should contribute right away The Redskins added a lot of selections as the draft progressed, and they made the most out of them by addressing several needs
NBCSports/ Rotoworld B- B B A-
The Cowboys got fine value with their first two picks, and acquiring the best left tackle in any draft as "late" as No. 9 overall is a coup. When you have 11 draft picks, you typically come out looking pretty good The Giants let Boston College tackle Anthony Castonzo slip right through their fingers. The only reason Mike Shanahan's club doesn't get a full "A" is because it didn't pick up a quarterback.
John Dove, Mocking The Draft B- C+ A C
The Cowboys grade is a little low because I think they could have went a different direction with the Carter and Murray picks This was a very solid draft with few wow selections The Giants added four players that have the potential to make an immediate impact Who is going to play quarterback for the Redskins? B B- B B
The team got great value in the fifth and sixth rounds, where they took cornerback Josh Thomas and receiver Dwayne Harris, respectively This probably strikes most as a rather underwhelming draft class, but it's something the Eagles needed Jerry Reese is one of the more underrated drafters in the league, and once again, he found solid value throughout the Giants' eight picks The Redskins did well to pick up a bunch of additional picks so as to address their overall depth, as well