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Eli Manning Losing The Giants? That's Nonsense

<strong>Eli Manning.</strong>  (Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images for DIRECTV)
Eli Manning. (Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images for DIRECTV)
Getty Images for DIRECTV

No matter what, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will never do enough to appease some football fans and media members. Including some "loud mouths" with a forum.

Adam Schien, co-host of 'Loudmouths' on SNY and football columnist for FOX Sports wonders if the small attendance at 'Camp Eli' actually shows a "lack of respect" for the Giants quarterback.

Schien writes:

I've always been a Manning fan, but the lack of attendance goes noted. Is it a lack of respect? Is it a lack of loyalty? Did his teammates want more than orange slices and water?

Interpret how you will. But anyway you cut it "Camp Eli" was a failure. And that reflects poorly.

I am not buying the nonsense that Schien is spewing. Manning didn't run, and still isn't running a big fancy 'Jets West' type of deal. Essentially, he isn't bribing his teammates to come out to sunny California to spend a few days tossing the ball around. I don't care how much money Manning makes, no quarterback should have to bribe his teammates to do some work.

Manning happens to be a new father who is, basically, making himself available to any teammates -- or potential teammates -- who want to come to Hoboken and run some pass routes. Camp Eli, incidentally, might be officially closed but Manning has been out at Hoboken High School every day throwing to receivers.

Why does it matter that Eli isn't footing the bill for everyone's expenses and putting them up in luxury villas? Does New Jersey have those, by the way?

There is a lot of debate around the league about the value of these workouts, anyway. On top of which, there is the risk factor. Justin Tuck mentioned it recently. Terrell Thomas talks about it in this story. It applies to offensive players, too. Players are on their own insurance-wise during the lockout, and over and over we have heard Giants players talk about being careful to avoid injuries during the lockout. For many guys making sure they are healthy is a bigger priority than catching balls from Manning for a couple of days.

The Giants have, largely, an experienced group of receivers and running backs who know how to prepare themselves. Does the fact that they have not all been in Hoboken the past few weeks working with Eli mean they are showing a lack of respect for him? That is silliness from someone looking to create a story where there isn't one. To me what it means is these guys want to be there for Manning and the Giants when it counts -- this fall.