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New York Giants Notes: Someone Still Thinks The Season Will Start On Time

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Well, at least there's one optimist left.

After being the first New York Giant to arrive at the team's training facility when the lockout was temporarily lifted in March, defensive tackle Chris Canty is understandably upset as the players and owners seemingly remain fair apart on finding a resolution. Yet, that hasn't changed Canty's expectation that the NFL season will still begin on time.

"[The labor dispute] will definitely be settled. There will be a football season," Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty said yesterday at the 18th annual Gridiron Gala at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan, where he and Jets fullback Tony Richardson received awards for their commitment to community service.

Canty added that despite the widespread criticism of the situation, fans should not be concerned about having football come Sept. 8.

"The fans don't have to worry about that," Canty added. "We're going to have football this fall, and we're going to try and put the quality product on the field that they are used to seeing come September."

New York Jets fullback Tony Richardson was also present with Canty, and he had some interesting thoughts that you should check out, as well.

Another AFC player, though, was less optimistic...

National Football Post: Robert Mathis says Goodell has lost the players

"I know you can never take business personal but I think its safe to say that Goodell has totally lost his players during this whole process," Mathis wrote on his Twitter account.

Get in line, Robert Mathis. The Indianapolis Colts defensive end became the latest player to state his discontent with the commissioner. Mathis added that, in his opinion, Goodell works only for the owners and expresses little concern for the league's players.

"Every team asked him 'who does he work for' and he danced around that question better than a Dancin wit the stars champ!" Mathis added on Twitter

There's also this ongoing saga in Washington, a reminder that not everything has changed in this lockout mess... McNabb says he's OK with Beck's comments

"For someone who's so quiet and really just tries to be the best at what I do -- and to be a part of the firestorm every offseason -- it's amazing," McNabb said.

Death, taxes and quarterback controversy in Washington — all certainties in today's world. By now, any semblance of the latter doesn't provoke much surprise. This time, Donovan McNabb is explaining that he's OK with fellow Redskin quarterback John Beck's recent comments that he'll be the starter for head coach Mike Shanahan once the season starts. Beck, of course, hasn't seen regular-season action since 2007.

As if that wasn't enough, McNabb's other fellow competitor Rex Grossman also said this week that he "definitely" feels he'll be the Redskins starter.

To his credit, McNabb has continued to handle the situation with grace. As he sees it, he'll have playing options either way.

"Maybe I'll play for the Nationals," he said. Broncos not interested in 'Hard Knocks'

For HBO, the Denver Broncos' refusal to appear on "Hard Knocks" was the second of the week. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this week also turned down the offer to succeed the Jets on the popular summertime series, leaving the network searching for more options. Giants fans, what do you think? If offerred, would you want the Giants to be featured on this year's show?

Who has the Giants' best fan story?

The Giants are looking for the best fan story, and they have narrowed the choices down to 20. More than 1,300 fans applied, and 10 will be selected as winners. Among the finalists revealed by the team are Paula Crowe, who has attended 316 of the 317 regular season home games the Giants have played since the beginning of the 1970 season, and Ed Magenheimer, a 19-year-old fan and volunteer fireman who gave Justin Tuck the NYFD helmet he wore out of the tunnel before the 2010 season opener against the Carolina Panthers.

Submissions are no longer being accepted, but it's fun to read through the finalists and learn their stories. You can also match them up with your own fan experiences, and as usual, feel free to share them below.