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New York Giants Notes: Hump Day Hodgepodge Edition

Before you get on with your Wednesday and then "American Idol" (I get paid to watch it, so it's okay!), let's see what random Giants' news is out there.

First of all, I have to say that I was all fired up to post something from Jerry Reese's commencement speech this past weekend, but Ed beat me to it. Still, if you haven't seen this yet, you have to at least read the quote Ed pulled from the article, because that's the quote that moved me to want to do just a little more today and beyond--the five percent line. And I'm proud that Reese is the guy who runs our team. How about you?

NFL Players Talk about Lockout - WOWK-TV -
"It’s just a tough situation, we have to fight through it," said running back Ahmad Bradshaw. "Just rest up is what I am doing now. You just want to get out and play I love football, if we would get back, it would be great."

Ahmad, you get understatement of the year for that one. Nice going. I just hope he was walking around clutching a football tightly while he said that.

And then there is this from down the turnpike....

Reid on free agency: Eagles have 'aggressive' plan | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/17/2011
Andy Reid said that when the lockout is lifted the Eagles are prepared to make a splash in free agency. "Howie [Roseman] and I got the plan together," Reid said, referring to his general manager. "It's a good, aggressive plan. When they say go, we're ready to go. It's just a matter of that time coming forward." Could that mean the Eagles will pursue All Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha? Or could that mean the Eagles will deal backup quarterback Kevin Kolb for a starting right cornerback and use free agency to address holes on the defensive line?

Is it bad that all I want is for them to just fail in whatever decisions they make, be that in the draft or in free agency or in trade? I know I'm supposed to remain impartial and professional here, but I can't help it -- my bitterness toward the Eagles runs very deep.

The Greatest NFC wildcard teams in NFL playoff history - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
That fifth-seeded wildcard postseason run was what I believe to be the greatest in NFL history amongst all wildcard teams.

If you read this from a Yahoo contributor, you'll notice that he's a Packers' fan, and he relents that the Giants of 2007-08 were the best wildcard team ever. And I don't think many of us would argue with that. Man, I think it might be time to bust out that ol' DVD again.

2011 Flash Points results NFC - NFC North Blog - ESPN
Marie Lombardi approached New York Giants owner Wellington Mara, who owned Lombardi's contract as a Giants assistant coach. As Maraniss writes in "When Pride Still Mattered," Marie begged Mara to block her husband's move. Mara declined, knowing Vince was ready to be a head coach. Marie stood by her husband. And the rest, as they say, is Packers history.

How interesting to think of what might have been had Mara granted the wish of Vince Lombardi's wife. Would those great Packers' teams of the '60's still have been that great? Would Lombardi instead eventually become head coach of the Giants? Or some other team? It's food for thought on this Wednesday.