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New York Giants Notes: Don't Forget the Little Guys

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Hey guys, it's Monday May 16 and the players are still locked out. Go ahead and try to find lockout-related news, there just isn't much out there--and while there are hearings on temporary stays (i.e. lots of attorney-speak), the date you should circle is June 3, the day the owners' appeal will finally be heard. Meanwhile, Zach Berman of the Star-Ledger wrote a great piece on Friday about Giants' WR Sam Giguere. You might notice in the photo that Eli Manning appears to tower over Giguere, but the kid is 5-foot-11 and he appears to have a very strong work ethic, attending each day of Manning's unofficial mini-camp at Hoboken High School. By the way, is anyone else wondering why Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham did not show up? I know Steve Smith is rehabbing a serious injury while becoming adept at social media, but the other two guys? I think I have some homework this week.

Will Plaxico Burress end up with Jets? - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
On his ESPN Insider blog, the lead item in Adam Schefter's mailbag deals with a big name possibly landing with the New York Jets after the lockout. Burress Wide receiver Plaxico Burress is scheduled to be released from prison in less than four weeks, and Schefter writes circumstances could lead the Jets to bring Burress aboard.

Maybe it's because there isn't much NFL news out there right now, but talk about Burress' re-instatement is generating a buzz akin to LeBron's Decision a year ago. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but still. Anyway, Ed and some of you guys know I'm in favor of bringing Burress in to give him a chance to make the Giants, but apparently a lot of other teams will be clamoring for the guy's services already. And if someone else grabs him, 1) I hope it's not a division rival and 2) I hope it's to a team not on our schedule, which would rule out the Jets.

New York's Reese returns to UT Martin | WPSD Local 6 - News, Sports, Weather - Paducah KY | Local Sports
Former UTM football player Jerry Reese is New York's general manager. He played with the Skyhawks in the 1980's. Reese later became a coach on UTM's staff before beginning his NFL front office career. Reese is in Martin today. He's the keynote speaker at UTM's commencement ceremony. He told us what UT Martin means to him.

Before I moved to Wisconsin, I lived in Nashville for seven years, and I can tell you that Reese is royalty in the state of Tennessee. From what we know about the man, that status is warranted.

Finally, Mocking the Draft had an interesting look Sunday at the last few first-round draft picks of the Giants. Have a great start to your week, everyone!