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Giants' Potential UDFA Targets: Kristofer Dowd, C, USC

Undrafted free agent? Check. He plays center? Check. He is listed as one of the top UDFAs available? Check. That means perhaps we should talk about Kristofer O'Dowd of USC as a potential target for the New York Giants.

O'Dowd is a player whose star shone brightly a couple of seasons ago, but has fallen off due to injuries. Here is a little bit of Draft Countdown's profile of the 6-foot-4, 304-pound O'Dowd:

Looked like a future star early in college career but injuries took their toll and is now a shell of former self --- Intangibles are far more impressive than physical tools but has the talent to play in the NFL as long as he can manage to stay healthy.

The National Football Post's Wes Bunting was not enamored with O'Dowd, either, calling him a "reserve-type center" at the NFL level.

Considering that the Giants are looking for a healthy body at the center position I would suspect O'Dowd is unlikely to be at the top of their list. Still, he is one of the possibilities. Thoughts?