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David Akers A Free-Agent Target For Giants?

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Anyone interested in replacing New York Giants' placekicker Lawrence Tynes with Philadelphia's David Akers? The Eagles drafted Nebraska's Alex Henery in the fourth round and appear ready to move on without the veteran kicker, meaning that whenever there is free agency Akers will be on the market.

Akers basically wrote his ticket out of Philadelphia when he refused to sign the transition tag the team wanted to place on him. So, he will be a free agent and the Philadelphia Inquirer thinks the Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins could all be interested.

Does it make sense for the Giants to pursue Akers?

Tynes, 33, has made 84.3 percent of his field-goal attempts (70-of-83) in three seasons with the Giants. He is a seven-year veteran who has never made a Pro Bowl.

Akers, 36, is a five-time Pro Bowler who has made 81.9 percent of his field goals in a 13-year career. In the last three season Akers has made 97-of-115 field goals, the identical 84.3 percent Tynes had made during his last three seasons -- albeit with more opportunities.

Akers is far superior on kickoffs, though the new rule with kickoffs coming from the 35-yard line makes this less important. In 2010, 89.7 percent of Tynes' kickoffs were returned, while Akers' kickoffs were returned just 71.9 percent of the time.

In all honesty, the virtually identical field-goal percentages between the two is really evidence that maybe some of the criticism of Tynes is unjustified. Considering Tynes' offseason ankle, heel and hernia surgeries, though, this might be an idea worth considering.

Besides, maybe it would change the karma between the Eagles and Giants.

Your thoughts?

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