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Get Your Photo On A Giants' Season Ticket

We ran this announcement before, but it is worth repeating.

Want your face on a New York Giants' 2011 season ticket? Well, the Giants are running a contest to give you that opportunity.

Fans can enter the contest by submitting a story and photo that show their Giants pride. The Giants will narrow the pool of entries to 20 finalists. Starting May 18, Giants fans will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite story on the Giants' Facebook page. A photo of the top 10 vote-getters will appear on the front of the 2011 season's game tickets. This is the first time in team history fans will be highlighted on the face of Giants game tickets.

Each of the 10 winners will have her or his name, image and/or likeness appear on the tickets for one of the 10 scheduled Giants preseason and regular season home games during the 2011 season. The specific game for each winner will be determined by the Giants. The winner whose picture appears on a specific home game's ticket also will be recognized during the game and will also receive two tickets to that game.

The 10 finalists not chosen as winners will receive a credit, or a gift card for $200 that will be redeemable for Giants merchandise at the online store on

To enter the contest, simply visit or the Giants' Facebook page.