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New York Giants' Notes: Defense Puts Safety First

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are some Giants-related stories for you, this morning.

Wondering what the New York Giants defensive players are doing while Eli Manning gathers some of the receivers and running backs for what is being called Camp Eli? They are not holding organized practices, and Justin Tuck explained why in a conversation with Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News.

"I know how we are," Tuck said. "We kind of have a tendency to get a little competitive when we start working out together. So we wouldn’t want anything stupid to happen. The best way to prevent that is to have nothing organized.

"I like the fact that Eli has stepped up and gotten guys together," Tuck said. "But for us and for me personally, I just chose to make sure guys are working out and doing the right things for safety reasons."

A good job by Tuck keeping tabs on his teammates. And a good job by RV getting an answer to a question I know was on the minds of many fans.

Undrafted free agents can't sign with NFL teams during the lockout. That doesn't mean they can't join workouts being organized by some of the teams around the league. That is the case with Dan DePalma, a wide receiver who has begun working out with the Giants at Hoboken High School.

New York Giants co-owner John Mara will be back at the table negotiating table during next week's mediated session between the players and owners. Mara, you might recall, missed the last round of negotiations while on jury duty.

We talked Wednesday about Barry Cofield quite possibly leaving the Giants via free agency. Well, Turf Show Times think Cofield would be a nice fit for Steve Spagnuolo's St. Louis Rams. Gee, that's a surprise. The Rams are already pretty much 'Giants West.'

A recent Harris/Adweek poll found 19 percent of fans say they would be less likely to return to watching NFL games if the lockout results in games being cancelled.