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Barry Cofield: 'My Time's Probably Up'

Great piece today by Mike Garafolo on New York Giants' defensive tackle Barry Cofield. We have speculated a great deal here at Big Blue View about Cofield's future -- or lack thereof -- with the Giants, and he admitted to MG that "my time's probably up."

Cofield has five productive years in the NFL, and has been looking for a payday for a couple of seasons now. He told Garafolo "I want my fair chance to go out there and secure my future." In other words, he wants his shot at free agency -- a shot he felt he should have had a season ago.

No doubt Cofield is a good player. I don't think, though, that you can make the case he is a great one. The Giants have seemed reluctant to give Cofield the big contract he would like, and with Chris Canty, Linval Joseph and now Marvin Austin on the roster that stance seems unlikely to change.

Best guess at this point would be that Cofield will wind up in a different uniform for the 2011 season -- whenever it occurs, of course.