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NFL Power Rankings 2011: Giants Place 11th In Consensus Poll

Hey, here is an idea. Let's spend some time today arguing about something football related -- even if it is completely meaningless. How about we talk about some off-season NFL Power Rankings?

Now that the 2011 NFL Draft is over polled its analysts to see how each of them ranked the 32 NFL teams. In voting by seven analysts the New York Giants wound up 11th overall. To be honest, that really is not a ranking I can argue with very much -- looking at the list it seems just about where the Giants belong.

The highest rank the Giants got was a seventh-place vote from Steve Wyche. The lowest was a 17th-place vote from Vic Carucci.

Here is the consensus top 10:

  1. Packers
  2. Patriots
  3. Steelers
  4. Jets
  5. Saints
  6. Falcons
  7. Ravens
  8. Eagles
  9. Colts
  10. Chargers

You can also go to the rankings and make your own selections. Your thoughts, gang?