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New York Giants' Notes: Lockout Update Edition

As much as I hate to do it, we have to begin this morning by updating where things stand with the NFL Lockout. So, this is your 'NFL Lockout Update Edition' of the daily New York Giants' notes.

The league Monday filed its first brief with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in advance of the June 3 hearing to determine whether the lockout remains in place during the labor negotiations. The NFL essentially argued in its 61-page brief that a) competitive balance would be affected by lifting it and b) players are not irreparably harmed by the lockout because it applies equally to all of them.

Per the National Football Post, the players have until May 20 to file their own brief.

The appeals court has yet to issue a ruling on the current stay of Judge Susan Richard Nelson's decision to lift the lockout, though it is expected to do so this week. If the NFL is forced to open its doors to players it must determine what rules it will operate under in terms of free agency, trades, organized team activities and any other business. Right now, no decision has been made.

"Our goal has at all times been the same -- to operate under a negotiated set of procedures that are agreed to by the clubs and the NFLPA," league spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement. "The current litigation has created a significant amount of uncertainty, and we are therefore considering a wide range of alternatives depending on developments."

OK, gang, that's your lockout update for today. Come back later and we will find some football to talk about.