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Mel Kiper, Todd McShay Grade Giants' Draft

Today is the day after the 2011 NFL Draft, which means it is 'Draft Grades Day.' Mel Kiper's draft grades are out as is Todd McShay's look at the best and worst move by each team.

Here is how Kiper graded the Giants:

Needs: C
Value: A-
Overall: B-

Here is part of what Kiper said:

"Give the Giants credit -- they got some serious value with their first two picks. ... But I do wonder if the Giants waited a little too long to gain any help along the offensive line. Brewer at No. 117 is a fair pick, but that line is not a young group, and isn't any better than they were three days ago.

My take: B- is too low. Every player the Giants got except Jacquain Williams is one who was a 'plus' value, meaning he was expected to be drafted sooner than where the Giants took him. I will examine those values later today, or possibly Monday, but really the only in this draft is not coming away with a guy who could be the center of the future. My grade: A ... As you know, I place more importance on 'value' than 'need,' and with free agency still to come I think that is accentuated even more.

McShay's best and worst moves by the Giants?

Best: Grabbing Prince Amukamara in the first round. Worst: Selecting Jerell Jernigan in the third round.

Of Amukamara, McShay said "This is a decision that could solidify the entire secondary." Of the Jernigan pick, McShay opined "We're nitpicking again, and while I like Jernigan as a player I just don't know if the Giants needed him. ... they could have gone in any number of directions and addressed other needs, then and gotten on return specialist later."

My take: For me, the Amukamara pick is 'best' is a no-brainer. Jernigan as 'worst' is understandable, but as McShay said that is 'nitpicking.' I love what Jernigan brings to the Giants -- he draws comparisons to Dexter McCluster and I know there were a lot of people here at BBV who wanted McCluster a year ago. In my mind, the Jernigan pick comes down to this: does he have a better NFL career than Mason Foster? Foster, the Washington linebacker many analysts loved for the Giants -- and many of us, too -- went to Tampa Bay with the very next pick after the Giants took Jernigan. Only time will tell.

Your thoughts? And please, let's not bother with 'Kiper sucks' comments. Let's just discuss the picks.