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New York Giants Notes: Can't We Just Get Along?

The rift between the NFL players and owners is mirroring that of our federal government's two (errrr, three) parties trying to figure out how to keep things running without a shutdown. Of course, the NFL currently is shut down and trying to figure out how to slice up the revenue pie, and...did I read this right? -- That on Thursday the two sides sent letters to each other suggesting how they should proceed at the negotiating table? Yes, and if you can read this article without scratching your head or without making said head spin, you're doing better than me. All I know is that with each passing day, this is not any closer to being resolved, and that really sucks. And hey, letters? They really can't use e-mail to speed things up?

You want real football talk before I get to the comedy portion of the notebook? Our own Ed Valentine takes a comprehensive look at the Giants' needs in the upcoming NFL draft. And I think most of us would agree with Ed that linebacker and offensive line are the most glaring needs, so let's hope Jerry Reese isn't salivating over a defensive end when the Giants are on the clock. In fact, someone needs to keep that guy in check.

Speaking of guys who might keep Reese in check, Giants' owner John Mara is going to be stuck on jury duty and may not make it to the NFL draft as reported here on Wednesday. But this article that offers Mara some potential excuses to ahem, get excused from jury duty. This is my personal favorite: "Fine, I'll serve -- but you tell Coughlin I'll be missing a scheduled meeting."

I leave you with this. Running back Danny Ware attended an event where men wore skirts. Yes, you read that correctly. If we hadn't reached rock bottom in trolling for news yet, I do believe we have now. Have a great weekend, everyone!