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Tom Coughlin Ranked No. 6 Among NFL Head Coaches: ESPN

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has placed sixth in a poll of eight ESPN analysts who were asked to vote for the best coaches in the NFL. New England's Bill Belichick was the unanimous winner, of course. Coughlin finished one spot ahead of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, a fact sure to rub Jets fans the wrong way. Sort of like Ryan does to non-Jets fans everywhere.

Anyway, back to Coughlin. The top five were Belichick, Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh, Andy Reid of Philadelphia, Mike McCarthy of Green Bay and Sean Payton of New Orleans. Obviously, despite the late-season collapses by the Giants in each of the past two season, Coughlin still carries a ton of respect around the league.

Does he deserve it? I think he does. I am certain, though, that some of you will disagree. The floor is yours, Big Blue View Nation. How would you rank the top eight coaches in the league?