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New York Giants Notes: A Quiet Monday

There is almost no news to report on the New York Giants' front on Monday morning. By now you know that Barry Cofield may ask for a trade, Steve Smith's knee is a major concern and that Tom Coughlin misses the clanging of weights in the team's workout facility.

However, I found a couple of interesting pieces about the Giants evaluating their strengths, weaknesses and needs. Here is a team report on Fox Sports' website. There isn't a lot on here that we haven't already discussed on BBV, but it's reading material nonetheless.

CBS Sports also did an "offseason checkup" in which talent and needs are evaluated, but it's interesting that this writer chose the Giants as a "dark horse" Super Bowl contender in 2011. Of course, we'd all like to think our team is more than a "dark horse," but there are too many question marks on all of the teams right now to make an accurate assessment.

Of course, we still don't know if and when the 2011 season will begin. But the NFL has hired a powerful attorney in David Boies. Boies has recently argued in cases for gay marriage, Jamey McCout of the Los Angeles Dodgers' divorce, and Oracle's copyright infringement. He even represented Al Gore in the Supreme Court case regarding the 2000 presidential election. The man is a rock star, and the NFL is clearly not messing around. And we may know a bit more about where this is heading after Wednesday, when there will be a hearing in St. Paul, Minnesota about whether or not an injunction by the players to stop the lockout will be upheld.