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Giants' Transcripts -- Friday Press Conference Highlights

Here are few highlights from Friday's New York Giants' press conferences, and links to the full transcripts. Enjoy them while waiting for Day 3 to begin.

GM Jerry Reese on second-round pick Marvin Austin. [Full transcript]

"This guy is going to come in here with a chip on his shoulder with something to prove. I hope he will take it out on the opponent. But obviously, when he gets here we will keep a close eye on him like some other players we have had in the past. ... He is explosive; he is an explosive three-technique, a gap charger. This guy can get off the ball with tremendous speed. He has got a nasty motor - mean demeanor about him. He is going to bring that nasty attitude."

Coach Tom Coughlin on not yet drafting a center. [Full transcript]

"It's the way it happens sometimes. True to form, we're not going to reach. We're not going to leave a value to go somewhere else. There's more draft to go."

Second-round pick Marvin Austin. [Full transcript]

"My situation was an extremely humbling experience from being one of the top players in the country to going to be a guy who nobody wants to (draft). That was extremely humbling. I just learned that hard work will pay off. That is what I want to do. And when I get to the facility, I'm going to bust my tail. ... I am a nasty guy on the field because I have to go out there and just put it all on the line. From the way that I get off the ball, the way that I use my hands and stuff like that. I like to play violent. And being a defensive lineman that is just what you have to do."

Director of College Scouting Marc Ross on Marvin Austin. [Full transcript]

"Certain people, you take a chance on if they aren't habitual problems. For instance, we took a chance on Mario (Manningham). We thought his were isolated incidents where he made bad mistakes. We thought he was a good kid. We did a lot of work on him. He loved football and he was a good kid who made bad decisions. Whereas other people, you don't look at it the same way. With Marvin, we think this kid loves football. He loves to compete. He's genuinely remorseful about what happened. I think he wants to prove to everybody - himself, his teammates, his new team - that he learned from that and that he's going to go on from there. ... The first couple tackles taken were Dareus and Fairley. Talent wise, he's right up in the mix. If he was clean, he would have been a top 15 pick - I believe."

No. 1 pick Prince Amukamara on meeting coach Tom Coughlin. [Full transcript]

"He seemed like a guy who is very calm and collected - a black and white guy. And those are the kind of coaches that I like."