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Second Round Mock Draft: Akeem Ayers To The Giants?

We all saw -- again -- how much real value mock drafts have during Thursday night's first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Meaning, not a whole lot because nobody really knows what teams will do. That said, mock drafts are still fun.

Our friends at the mothership, SB Nation, have put together a Round 2 Mock Draft -- as have a few other sites. In the SB Nation Round 2 Mock Draft the dream scenario for many here at Big Blue View unfolds. UCLA outside linebacker Akeem Ayers falls all the way to No. 52, and the Giants scoop him up. In making the pick SB Nation's Brian Galliford says:

Many - including yours truly - considered Ayers a candidate for the Giants' first-round pick, making him outstanding value here.

I can't really argue with that. Ayers would be tremendous value if he somehow falls that far. And, as we learned again Thursday night, stranger things have happened.

Here are a couple of other Round 2 Mock Drafts:

-- Mocking The Draft (Dove): Clint Boling, guard, Georgia
-- Draft Tek: Rodney Hudson, center, Florida State

I will have more later as the day goes along, but you can get started talking about Day 2 of the draft with this.