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Prince Amukamara Selected By Giants -- Instant Analysis

During his pre-draft press conference New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said simply "We are going to pick the best player, guys."

It is pretty hard to argue with the thought that Reese seems to have done just that by selecting Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara Thursday night with the 19th selection of the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

Amukamara was ranked No. 7 overall on the Draft Countdown Big Board, No. 5 overall on Mocking The Draft's Big Board, No. 9 on Mel Kiper's Big Board, and No. 12 on the Great Blue North Big Board.

Let's just say you have to believe the Giants never expected to find a top 10 talent available when their turn came up at No. 19. Here is the reaction of Giants Scouting Director Marc Ross, via Ralph Vacchiano's Twitter account.

"Shock. It was a shock. This one was just completely out of left field. ..."

You wonder what might have happened had the Miami Dolphins not taken Mike Pouncey at No. 15 or the New England Patriots not selected Nate Solder at No. 17. You have to think, though, that Amukamara would have been incredibly difficult for the Giants to pass up no matter what. Reese seemed to agree.

Reese said Amukamara was "too much value to pass up."

I will have more thoughts Friday morning. For now, vote in the poll and grade the pick.