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Does Bill Parcells' Draft Board Matter?

'Simms-McConkey' sent me a note early this morning. Our man 'Simms' was in a panic because Bill Parcells had Wisconsin offensive tackle Gabe Carimi listed as a third-round pick on the draft board showcased during Parcells' draft special on ESPN Tuesday night.

You know what I say about Parcells and his draft board? Big whoop. The Big Tuna was a great NFL coach. His record as far as evaluating college talent? Not so good.

Just ask the folks in Miami how well Parcells drafted for the Dolphins the past few seasons. The answer? Not well at all.

Thank God the Giants had George Young and Tom Boisture, who was then in charge of scouting, to overrule Parcells in the Giants' war room on draft day. Dave Meggett never would have been a Giant if Parcells had his way. Big Tuna would have taken linebacker Darion Connor instead of Rodney Hampton. Who knows what else he would have done.

Now, is Parcells' draft board interesting? Sure it is. I am willing to bet you, though, that Parcells has spent a lot less time evaluating these players than Mike Mayock of the NFL Network, Mel Kiper of ESPN, Dan Kadar of Mocking The Draft or any other full-fledged draft analyst.

If you look at Parcells board, which the folks at Pat Pulpit managed to scope out in its entirety, there aren't very many players actually worthy of being selected in the first three rounds.

I love what the Big Tuna did as coach of the Giants. I am just not going to spend a whole lot of time worrying about what he thinks of the prospects heading into the NFL Draft, though. Sorry Bill, that just is not your forte.