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New York Giants Notes: Giants' Brass Feels the Pressure and Caves

After the Giants were possibly the only NFL team to allow players to enter team facilities and work out in their weight rooms, team officials apparently caved in to pressure from the NFL to close the doors to the gym. The league requested a "stay" after federal judge Susan Nelson ruled in favor of the players Monday to lift the lockout, so now everyone is scrambling to figure out what rules govern this league, and, more specifically, what players are and are not allowed to do upon entering team grounds. So the doors will remain open, but now players are forbidden from working out at team facilities until further notice.

Giants' offensive lineman David Diehl talked with on Monday about the lockout and also about the pranks the players play on each other.

New York Giants 2011 season schedule: Fan reaction - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Giants should have a winning record entering their bye week, but a dark cloud is looming (a very dark one). They have a brutal schedule ahead of them after Week 7.

I know we already discussed this, but here is an interesting game-by-game take on the Giants' 2011 (if it happens) season. It really does make you wonder--do league officials do the Giants' schedule first and purposely put all of the "easy" games in the first half of the season? Everyone is already predicting another late-season collapse. breaks down another position of the Giants' 2010 team--this time reviewing the safeties. Looking back, the team really did make huge strides in comparison to 2009 when the secondary resembled a slice of Swiss cheese.

Have you ever dreamt of hanging out with some of the Giants' team legends, including Bill Parcells, Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor, Harry Carson and even Bill Belichick? The team is honoring the 1986 Super Bowl champs with a luncheon on June 12, and, if you fork over $786, you can actually have a VIP package that includes a private breakfast with some players and coaches, including Parcells and Belichick. Wow. If I lived in the area, I might just take that financial plunge in order to hang with these guys. How about you?

And, finally, here is a funny piece on Yahoo Sports about Tom Brady's "lockout mullet." Happy Hump Day, everyone.