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Reports: Giants Allow Players To Work Out

Well, at least one NFL organization has apparently decided to let players who show up at their facility work out. It should not surprise anyone who has followed the New York Giants for a long time that the team did not turn away players who wanted to work out this morning.

Defensive tackle Chris Canty praised the Giants organization as a "class act" after being allowed to meet with coaches and use the workout facilities.

Apparently, Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs also showed up today, though no word on whether they also worked out.

Other NFL organizations might be ticked off at the Giants for giving players their regular access to facilities and coaches. I think it's another example of why the Giants are one of the best organizations in all of sports. No games, no foolishness. Players showed up to work, the organization let them do just that.

Which is exactly what every other team in the league should be doing.