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New York Giants Notes: Players Can Try To Return To Work Tuesday

Have you ever showed up to work, only to have the doors locked and your employer turn you away?

Yeah, me neither.

Tuesday, NFL players are free to return to their teams' facilities after Judge Susan Nelson ordered an injunction that lifted the lockout imposed by league owners. According to the Daily News, several agents that represent Giants players are urging their players to report Tuesday because of the workout bonuses that are common in many contracts.

However, the NFL is insisting on striving to keep the status quo as it appeals for a "stay" to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. The stay would freeze the lockout pending appeal. The Daily News is also reporting that both sides believe a stay is coming soon, as lawyers from each would then try to figure out which rules to govern the league by, with the rules from the 2010 CBA being most likely.

Chris Canty is one of the New York Giants who will report to the team's facilities Tuesday, as the Daily News reported he has a $250,000 workout bonus in his contract. His agent, Brad Blank, doesn't expect issues for Canty Tuesday. After all, according to, the NFL Players Association* is saying the league would be in violation of Nelson's ruling if players are barred from entering their facilities. is also reporting that the league is urging teams to allow players inside facilities, but to keep weight rooms closed and stay away from contract talks.

"I really don't see the harm in going to work out and having a security guard tell you that you can't," Blank said. "It's not going to be a big confrontation. So if they're willing, I think it's good idea that they show up."

However, some agents are still telling their clients to stay away until a final resolution is reached, the Daily News said.

One Giant who won't be reporting to work Tuesday is center and team representative to the players association* Shaun O'Hara.

"As players, we are pleased with Judge Nelson's ruling," O'Hara wrote. "Although she has issued an injunction, players have not received any information nor have we been contacted by anyone from our current clubs that would indicate their desire to have players commence working out at the team facility. We are aware that the league is filing an appeal on the decision.

"Players are encouraged to do what is most convenient for them with respect to attempting to train at a club facility."

Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora also chimed in regarding Nelson's decision. Umenyiora is one of the 10 plaintiffs in the Brady v. NFL players' antitrust suit.

"Today's ruling is a win for the players and for the fans that want to see a full NFL season in 2011," Umenyiora said in the statement released by the NFLPA. "The lockout is bad for everyone, and players will continue to fight it. We hope that this will bring us one step closer to playing the game we love."