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NFL Lockout: Ruling Expected Today

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Nelson is expected to rule today on the NFL Lockout. How much does the ruling actually mean? Well, that depends who you ask.

Sports Business Journal NFL reporter Daniel Kaplan says today "could be one of the bigger days in NFL offseason history."

Jay Glazer of FOX Sorts tweeted "Don't get caught up in today's decision by Judge Nelson. Zero finality! Whoever loses simply appeals and the legal mumbo jumbo trudges on."

Early indications have been that Nelson will rule in favor of the players, who are asking of course for the lockout to be lifted. If Nelson rules is favor of the players, the NFL is certain to appeal. The question will be whether Nelson forces the lockout to be lifted during the appeal, allowing normal off-season activity such as free agency to take place, or issues a stay leaving the lockout in place pending the NFL's inevitable appeal.

Either way, at least something appears likely to get done today.