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New York Giants Notes: Enjoying the Week Edition

As a true blue football fan (pun sort of intended), I've been as disgusted or more disgusted as most of you have over the inability of players and owners to split up $9 billion in revenues. Among the fancy legal terminolgy ("decertification") though, is the root issue of dividing the pie up, and each side has call the others' bluff lots of times, and each side has appeared stubborn enough to threaten the start of the season as these talks have, um, progressed. But I think we are owed this coming week from the NFL--a week to enjoy the upcoming draft and then to enjoy the draft itself, even if we have no idea of when the season will start. I know I'm going to try and enjoy it, at least after I hear Judge Nelson's ruling Monday on whether or not the lockout should be lifted.

NFL Draft: New York Giants looking to inject some youth into aging group
Tom Coughlin has never been one to give away secrets, or any information really. So everyone took note of his answer at the scouting combine in Feuary when the Giants coach was asked about his team's needs in the NFL draft. "I'll just say one," Coughlin said. "The center position is a concern because we have injuries at that spot."

What Coughlin is saying, if you can read between the lines, is that the team really needs a center to anchor the line but that Jerry Reese will probably draft the fastest defensive end available. Seriously, though, Reese may talk about how Adam Koets and Will Beatty are long-term investments, but many pundits have suggested that the Giants have a strong interest in Florida center Mike Pouncey.

On Friday, we mentioned that former Giants' great and all-around good guy Amani Toomer said something disparaging about Roger Goodell in a radio interview. Many of you commented about giving Toomer a pass, and I am all for that as well. Especially since he apologized almost right away:

"Obviously I didn't fully understand the meaning of what I said. I do now. It was a stupid, inappropriate and offensive thing to say. I apologize for my choice of words, and I apologize to Commissioner Goodell for the offensive characterization."

Interested in chatting with current Giants' left tackle David Diehl? He will be available for online chat on ESPN's SportsNation site Monday at 1 p.m. ET.