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New York Giants Notes: Fun with Former Giants Edition

Well, before we get to any of the "fun," we first have to report that the news from the courtroom isn't very encouraging. After a week of talks, the players and owners have tabled those talks until May 16, but this coming Monday, April 25 is when a federal judge will rule on the owners' lockout and if it can be lifted or not. There are all sorts of combinations of things that could happen from there, but the bottom line is, we still have no deal and we have no real hope of a deal at this point, either. And right now, that just blows.

And now for Fun with Former Giants.....

Tiki Barber says his New York Giants legacy kept him from joining Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2007 - ESPN New York
In 2007, less than half a season after he retired, Barber considered accepting an offer to play with his twin brother, Ronde, in Tampa Bay before declining in the name of staying true to blue. "Staying a Giant in retirement was very important to me," Barber said. "Playing with my brother is something we dreamed of doing for years, but I'd been brought up and nurtured in one organization. I saw it as a sacred thing."

Well, here's a question. How in the world did we not hear about this until now? With the onset of Twitter and Facebook, it's hard to imagine that just a few short years later word would not leak out somehow. To be honest, it makes me question how real it all is, or if it's something Tiki's publicist fabricated in order to generate interest in the 36-year-old running back who announced his un-retirement recently. It is also hilarious that Tiki uses the word "sacred" at all.

Ex-NFL player Amani Toomer compares Roger Goodell's power to 'Gestapo' - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer blasted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday for his role in the ongoing labor dispute, likening Goodell's handling of the crisis to something from Nazi-era Germany. The ex-player suggested that Goodell's hold over the sport was similar to the power wielded by Hitler's ruthless secret police force, the Gestapo.

Come on, man. Did you have to go to the Hitler card? I'm not sure what Goodell has to do to make the players respect him more, but to me he sure doesn't seem like a guy who just craves power and authority--he's a football fan just like the rest of us and wants a deal to get done.

And how about this one? One of our all-time favorite former Giants, Michael Strahan, has a bead on the type of gig Tiki envisioned for himself but ultimately failed at--morning talk show host, and in this case, filling in and potentially taking over for Regis Philbin on "Live with Regis and Kelly." Strahan even had to babysit Ripa's kids along with Philbin and some of that was caught on tape here. Anyone think Tiki is jealous?

Now on to the current Giants. At the risk of becoming a celebrity gossip site, Quarterback Eli Manning was seen a few days ago at a casino in Mississippi with his wife. Come on, Eli, stop playing pocket pool and go make your family some money!