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Giants' GM Jerry Reese Talks Linebackers

Linebacker is, of course, an often-discussed position when it comes to the New York Giants and the 2011 NFL Draft. There is widespread expectation that the Giants will address what seems to be a perennial weakness in their defense at some point during next week's draft.

And they might. Then again, they might not. General Manager Jerry Reese said Thursday. "If it's a good player we like in our window we'll take a stab at him."

Reese said there are several young players on the roster the Giants still want to evaluate.

"We have a couple guys we really don't know a lot about," Reese said. "Phillip Dillard didn't play a lot and Adrian Tracy dislocated his elbow. We wan to see what those guys can do.

"Clint Sintim is a guy that we want to see what he can do. He hasn't played a lot, and he got injured so that hampered our evaluation of him. But we picked him in the second round, we expect this guy to be an impact player for us. He hasn't been able to do that yet.

"He flashed a little bit as a rookie, but last year he didn't get to play a lot because he was injured. So, we're hoping he can come back from his injury and look like a second-round pick."

Reese said Sintim "needs to grow up."

"It's about growing up for him. He needs to grow up and play like the second-round player that we think he is."

The Giants' general manager, of course, is not going to give away his team's draft board or any players they may be targeting. Most likely the Giants will do what they always do -- take the players they believe offer the greatest value whenever their turn comes up.