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Giants' GM Jerry Reese Talks 2011 NFL Draft

New York Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese spoke to the media Thursday about the 2011 NFL Draft and said that the current NFL Lockout won't change the way the Giants approach the draft.

"We'll do like we always do. We'll try to pick the best players on the board," Reese said. "We'll go into the draft looking for the best players available. Then, after the draft when free agency starts we'll say OK, let's fill some holes."

For me, the most interesting development might have been Reese's admission that the NFL Lockout and lack of free agency has given him more time to personally watch film and study draft prospects.

"I've been able to concentrate more on watching a few more players than I usually do during this time," Reese said.

That can only be a good thing for the Giants. Reese, of course, was a scout before he was a general manager and his best draft as GM remains his first one -- when he was still close to his days as a scout.

I will have more from Reese's press conference both here and at SB Nation New York, so keep checking back.